Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Reece!

Today is Reece's first birthday!!! We have bible study tonight so we let her eat her cake last night. She loved every minute of it. This child is just perfect!
Reece here is what you are up to lately:
- You are a speedy crawler, are all over the place, and pull up on everything.
- You are a fabulous player and entertain yourself very well. You crawl from thing to thing or room to room finding what else you can play with or get into.
- If Ava is home you want to be wherever she is, and if she leaves you - you yell Aaaayyyyaaa!
-Still go to bed at 7 and sleep until 7:30 in the morning. Occasionally you wake up for a bottle around two or three.
-You take one long nap in the afternoon.
-Love love love blueberries. Your other favorites are bananas, mandarin oranges, and sweet potatoes. You also LOVE water - and drink a ton of it.
-Babble all day - I think you are fluent in Chinese! You have the sweetest voice.
- Love to say "tickle tickle tickle" and tickle everything - even inanimate objects!
-Have a few words in your vocabulary - mama, dada, aya (ava), ugh oh, tickle tickle, bye bye, thank you (or atleast your version of thank you).
-Favorite toys are baby dolls and balls - but you love emptying drawers, baskets, boxes -anything that has stuff in it - that you can take out and put back in.
-Love going to the church nursery and the gym nursery
-Have a great fake laugh that you do all the time.
-Are always smiling!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl - we Love you sooo much!

Thank you Peaches for my cute birthday dress - you are sooo good to me!

I thought these pictures were cute because she is looking at pictures of herself when she was an infant! What a difference a year makes!


amywelborn said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest lil red head ever!!!

Rachel said...

What sweet pictures!!! Happy Birthday Reece!!!!

Peaches said...

Where did the year go??? I love the picture of her looking at her newborn self!!! That's precious.
She is the sweetest baby ever - reminds me of when her mommy was a baby..... where have those years gone????