Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fast Lanes!!!

Okay - so we had a bowling party for my Mom's birthday this year, and had a blast. In true Ava fashion she stole the show. It was so funny watching her, you know the ball weighs as much as she does - but she "can do it all by herself, and doesn't need ANY help." If you haven't been to Fast Lanes in Rogers you need to go. It really is a fun place. They have waiters, a full menu, and it's no smoking. It's very family friendly and great for all ages. Also they will program your lane so when it's your kids turn the bumpers will automatically come up and then when their turn is over they go back down. Is that not a genius idea or what. I don't remember Ava's score but it was pretty impressive for a three year old!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craft Night

It is always a special treat when I let Ava paint with "big girl" paints (you know, anything besides water colors). Well tonight we dragged all the paints out, and she had a ball, and then ended up in the bathtub! Her facial expressions crack me up. Too cute. On a side note - Even though it looks like it from the last few posts, I promise my child is not always half naked at home. However, as soon as we get home from being out, she does change from one dress up outfit to the next.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Princess Kitchen and Homework!!!

Okay this is funny - For the second year in a row now Ava is terrified of Santa - I mean a genuine fear, so needless to say she will NOT get her picture taken with him. This pains me, I hate that I have no picture with Santa, but she is honestly scared so I can't just sit her on his lap. This year we even waited in line at the mall, but screaming started when it was our turn. So anyway, tonight Ava wrote a letter to Santa to let him know what she wanted. I knew what she was going to put, because she has been telling everybody for about a month - she wants the Disney Princess Kitchen and Homework!!! Too funny - I had to document that when she was three years old she wanted homework for Christmas! She heard Haley talk about it and Steven and I work on our bible study homework - and she doesn't have any. So here are a few pictures of her writing her letter. She was very proud of it. (Sorry about the no pants, gotta love the Tinkerbell panties.)

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's A.........

...Girl!!!! We are so excited to announce that we are having a girl! So exciting. Ava is just thrilled about having a baby sister - you know she said if it was a boy he would have to stay at the hospital. It is very heartwarming hearing her talk about what all she is going to do with and teach her baby sister. For those of you with sister we all know every girl needs a sister! Sisters make the best friends.
I am now 23 weeks and go back to the doc in a few weeks for the glucose test. It's hard to believe that I am that far along....oh how time flies.
p.s. - we are open to name suggestions...

Halloween Festivities

Trick-or-Treating is sooo much fun!

Some of the neighborhood girls..we just love them!

Eating dinner with Natalie the dino and Dax the farmer

Halloween "WEEK" - yes I said week was very fun at our house. Well, everyday is Halloween for Ava because her favorite thing to do is dress up. In fact while I am writing this, she is currently taking a nap in her Tinkerbell costume! Anyways, Ava had four valid opportunities to wear her beloved Snow White costume. It is about in shreds now - every time she put it on for something else I was cutting strings off of it or wiping off something that she had dribbled on it - But hey we got our money's worth! She went to the Fall Carnival at the school Haley is student teaching at, a party at one of her dance classes, a party at her school, and then Halloween night itself.
We had such a great Halloween night - a bunch of our friends came over for dinner and then all the kids went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. They were all sooo cute it watch. Ava was totally into it and literally ran from door to door. She had a ball!

Dancing With The Stars...too funny!

Well Dancing with the Stars is one of my favorite shows, but little did I know that Ava would turn out to be even more of a fan. This past week Steven and I noticed something Ava had been doing for several weeks now - every time the show comes on she goes and gets her big Cinderella doll that she calls her "girl" and they dance together. It is sooo funny and sooo cute to watch. Ava studies each dancer, watches their every move and tries to do the same moves with her girl. It is priceless to watch. And I must say Monday nights are easy around our house - Ava never fights getting a bath early so she can be ready to watch "her show"and then when it's over she is worn out and doesn't fight going to bed. It's great!

Happy Fall Yall

Ava's school had a traveling pumpkin patch come and visit a few weeks ago. I had never heard of a traveling patch, but it was pretty cute and the kiddos had a great time. They played around for a little while and then Ava took waaaaay to long to pick out the perfect pumpkin to bring home.

Pumpkin Carving 101

Steven and Ava carved their first pumpkin together this Halloween. Ava was very intrigued by the whole process and was thoroughly disgusted by the inside of a pumpkin. It was a fun experience that of course had to be documented! She was very proud of their finished product.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We've been Suckered!!!

Thanks Allison!! Ava LOVED the suckers!! She is sad they are gone, and still asks, "Where did Mrs. Allison take those suckers?" Oh, the little things that make kids happy!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exciting News

For those of you that don't know - We are having another baby!!! I am about 17 weeks and counting down the few weeks that we have left before we find out if it's a boy or girl. We are very excited, but a little nervous about having two children. Ava is beside herself that Mommy has a baby in her belly - she is going to be a great, involved big sister. However, right now she is only open to the option of having a sister. It's kind of funny how strong of an opinion she has, but she is very vocal to everybody that she is having a baby sister! I am due the first few days of March - and this will put our kids exactly 3 1/2 years apart. Keep us in your prayers as God prepares our family for our new addition.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My First Haircut

I finally did it - I got Ava's hair trimmed. Trimmed being the key word. So we went to see our good friend Julee at Metropolis for this huge milestone! She was so funny about it. At first Ava did not like the cape being around her neck, but she got over it pretty fast. Julee did a great job and was really fast. Ava seemed to be in awe the entire time. She is a girlie girl so getting pampered and being the center of attention at the salon was right up her alley. Thank you Julee!!

3rd Birthday

I can't believe it myself - but Ava is 3. She is a crazy, full of life, very loving 3 year old going on 18. We have the best time together, and she is a constant source of entertainment for Steven and I. Life with a toddler is full of laughter and lots of hard work. I don't understand how Ava has the energy that she does, but she keeps me on my toes.
At her request we had her birthday at Chuck E Cheese. It was a huge success and all the kids had a great time. Ava still talks about her party and doesn't understand why she can't have another one right now. I loved watching her and her little cousins and friends run all over the place just giggling and loving every minute of their time together. As Ava says, "Birthday parties are the best!"

Dancing Doll

Ava started dance class this fall, and as her biased mother I must say it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ava looks forward to Friday mornings because she now knows that's when she gets to go to dance class. They do tap and ballet. These pictures are kind of blurry so hopefully I will have some better ones soon. I hope she always loves learning to dance like she does now. She is really into it, and it is so darn cute. I can't wait until the recital!!!

Pre-School Here I Come

Ava is officially a big kid now! She started pre-school this month at the Fayetteville Creative School, and just loves it. Here is she outside our house showing off her beloved Dora lunchbox. I have to admit, it was a bitter sweet day for me. Sometimes it is hard to watch your little baby grow up. However, every time I pick her up and listen to her tell me how much fun she had at her "big girl school" I am so happy for her.

4th of July Fun!

We celebrated the 4th of July in Florida again this year. It was a fun night. We had a huge cookout with all of our family and friends. The highlight was the appetizer contest that we had. There were about 12 entries and I am proud to say that Haley and I WON!! We were so proud - and the fifty bucks we won wasn't too shabby either. Next we went to a concert and then down to the beach to watch fireworks. Ava was not a fan of the loud noise - so the Bertram clan jumped back on their bikes and headed back to the house early. It was still a great night.

Back to Florida!!!!

We went back to Seaside, Florida at the end of June. This time all the guys came with us. Again, it was a great trip. Here are a few of my favorite picutres. I wish I could put all of them on here, but I just picked a few out. There is something about little kids and the beach that is so sweet. Ava is just in heaven there.