Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So in updating our blog, I realized that there were no really recent pictures of Reece. All of a sudden she has been looking so old. It's like one morning she woke up and looked more like a little girl than a baby. I know I am her mom, but Reece is just sooo sweet. She has such a sweet, funny personality that keeps us laughing all the time. Steven thinks she is more dramatic than Ava was at this age, and if that is true I am in for it - big time. But we enjoy her so much, she makes our jobs as parents pretty easy!

By the way - trying to take a picture of a busy 11month old is next to impossible!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines Party

Ava had a Valentines party at school a few weeks ago. I love being in the classroom and just watching the kids together - they are sooo funny and sooo cute, and get soooo excited for a party! Ava was really sweet about making her Valentines for her friends - she wrote all of their names and signed her name herself on each Valentine. She was very particular about who got what color and what each Valentine said. It was quite the process.

Here she is passing out all of her Valentines, they were Barbie and the Three Musketeers. The kids took turns handing out their valentines to each other. I was impressed that they were all able to read and recognize each others names.

Waiting to receive her Valentines
Next was snack time - they decorated little heart cakes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4th Quarter Recap... Long post

Here is our fourth quarter recap, which could also be called the longest post ever!
Ava was Barbie Rapunzel for Halloween. Or at least this is what she told us she wanted to be for Halloween, and the costume she wore to our church carnival. Steven and I were gone to El Dorado for my good friend Shep's wedding - so we missed most of the Halloween festivities. However, I was told that Ava was Tinkerbell for Haley's school carnival, and Supergirl for trick - or- treating.! I think her Rapunzel braid was to heavy for her to carry around! Ha! For those of you that know Ava - EVERYDAY is Halloween to her, she is a dress up girl, and is usually always naked by the time Steven gets home from work.

Peaches made Reece a cute Halloween dress - this was her costume! Since we were gone and she goes to be at the crack of dawn I did not get her a costume. Truth is, Halloween is not a big deal at our house, but Reece was still cute and still festive. My mom kept the girls while we were at the wedding and she said Reece loved the trick or treaters - she would get so excited when they came to the door!
This is one of my best friends Sarah Shepherd Rainwater - isn't she such a beautiful bride! This is how Steven and I spent our Halloween weekend and it was perfect. We had a great weekend in El Dorado!
Ava's school put on a darling Thanksgiving program. It was sooo cute. No surprise, but we could hear Ava singing over all the other kids! She is quite a mess - but a cute mess!

These were their Turkey Masks!

In December we went to our town's Christmas parade. It was sooo cold, but the girls really enjoyed themselves!

This is Ava's friend Ella - she is such a doll!

And Haley (my sister) and Ava made a very impressive gingerbread house. I am sorry I don't have a picture of the final product. It was very creative.
I just found these pictures of "Supergirl" trick or treating that my friend Jody had e-mailed to me. I don't know how to put them with the rest of the Halloween pics with out messing everything up!

Now I can move onto 2010! Finally!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009!!

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged - then Reece was 8 months old - now she is 11months! So we have had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc... Everything has been wonderful. Life is just flying by so fast. Even though it's already February, one of my goals this year is to do a better job at documenting Ava and Reece's lives. This is something that I am so not good at - but hopefully by the end of 2010 I will be a pro! (and not posting Christmas pictures in Feb.) So for our families sake I wanted to go ahead and post some pictures of Christmas. It was a sweet time for our family. But I guess anytime you are celebrating the birth of Christ it's a sweet time!

Please notice the doll - that is Julie an American Girl Doll - Ava's life was complete when Santa brought her Julie. She is now a member of our family. In fact, I could do a post on her alone. It is very sweet how much Ava adores her!