Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farewell to a good friend

The other night we had to say goodbye to our beloved Kobe man. Kobe was Steven and I's first pet together - we got him for Christmas right after we got married. We loved him to death and he truly was a member of our family. Ava loved him and spent the last few weeks playing "Bolt" with him. Kobe would just let her drag him around the house by his collar as she was Penny and he was Bolt! Reece would giggle at him - they spent lots of time sitting on a blanket in our living room together - she would just watch him, smile, and get so excited. He truly was Steven and I's first baby and the first grand-dog on my side of the family. When my mom would watch Ava on Mondays and Wednesdays Kobe went too - they were a package deal! He was down right naughty at times - but we loved him so much.
Kobe had such a sweet, fun, energetic personality. He loved people and was great with kids. We have so many fond memories with him that we will never forget. The house has felt so empty the past few days without him here. We miss him so much, but are so thankful for the joy he brought to our lives. We love you Kobe man!