Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim Ranch

Ava had swim lessons last week at the Swim Ranch. She was in lane 1 - so hard to believe because she is only 3 - but she did sooo good, I was proud. The past two years we had done "swim babies" where I have to get in the water with her - so I had been talking up "big girl swim lessons, where mommy doesn't get in the water" with her for a long time now. I did not know how she would do without me, or if she would even get in the water without throwing a fit - but she did better than I could have imagined. She was so brave and turned into a little fish. Ava has always loved to swim but had never really swam with her face in the water, and didn't like to go under all that much. That has all changed now! She just hops in the water and goes. We have been spending a lot of time and the pool lately, so this makes it so much easier for me in juggling 2 kids at the pool. Ava even conquered her fear of the diving board! She was so tiny compared to the other kids in her lane, but she loved every minute of being in lane 1.

A was loving her pink and blue goggles. They made all the difference in the world - once she had them she had no problem putting her face in or going under!

Waiting to be called to her lane! Watching her sit there brought back so many memories of when i took swim lessons at The Swim Ranch! I am sure my mom has the same picture of me!
Front Float

Go girl!
Waiting in line for the diving board - yes she is posing.

Getting a little help from Miss Halsey!
She did it! (With some help!)

This was one of A's teacher's Miss Mary. Her and Halsey were great with the kids. They made the week very enjoyable!

Photo Shoot

I started to feel bad because all of my posts were about Ava - so I took some updated pictures of little bit. Reece is about a 10 days shy of being four months, and continues to be such an easy, happy, laid-back baby. I think I have finally figured her out - when she's hungry, tired, bored, etc. We are in a great groove right now! These pictures don't really show it because she was startled by the flash - but she is such a smiley baby.

This picture cracked me up because she would not stop checking her feet out! It was like she just discovered them!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Discovery Zone

A few weeks ago we took Ava is a Children's Science Museum in Springfield called Discover Zone. It was a great little day trip - we ate lunch downtown, went to the museum, then got ice cream and headed home. The museum was a lot of fun. Ava's favorite part was a mock grocery store and house. We played there most of the time. This was no surprise is us - she is such a little mother Hubbard! We filled our grocery cart, checked out at the cash register over and over again. Then she would take the groceries to the "house" and cook, grill, set up the table, and feed the babies. All very to cute to watch! I had the thought that I should just set her play room up like this. But somehow I don't think it would quite have the same appeal. Although she didn't understand a lot of the exhibits - she still had a great time. It was a fun family outing!

This machine made HUGE bubble when you turned the wheel - and then when you pushed a button, the bubble would blow out and pop over your head. Ava thought it was great fun to pop huge soapy bubbles on top of Steven and I (and herself) numerous times! Oh the things we do for our kids!

Reece was quite a trooper. She just rode along in her stroller for most of the day. Such a happy baby!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Dance Recital!!!

Ava had her first dance recital this past Saturday - and let me just say she was in Heaven!! We have officially created on monster! I was anxious to see how she would do - if she would be really nervous, if she would just stand there on stage, or if she would go all out. Well, she loved every minute of it, and performed her dances so well. Her class was too funny to watch - all the little girls did such a great job. Us Mommies were proud. Seeing Ava's face after she came off stage from the first number was priceless. She was on a dancing high - so excited and wanted to go again, and again.
Her class performed two numbers - a hip hop dance and a jazz dance. Then the whole dance company did a huge finally to a medley of Broadway songs. Ava's class was on stage for Annie and Grease - so they had two costume changes for the finally. Oh my was she loving it! Here are several pictures from the event....

These are a few pictures of us getting ready. She was all about some make-up. I now have to hide my make-up from her! She was so funny because she was very cautious not to mess up her lipstick!

These next pictures are of her Hip Hop costume. You gotta love anything with a sparkly silver and neon pink visor! Only a 3 year old could pull this look off! Their dance was to "Raise the Roof, and the Hip Hop Harry!"

These are the pictures from her Jazz number - it was to "Candy Girl!" I loved these costumes - all the girls looked too cute!

Proud Daddy!!!

This is Ava's dance teacher Miss Kara. She was really wonderful with the young girls and they loved her to death. The dance studio was called Studio 54. It was a perfect experience for Ava's first dance recital.

3 months!!

Reece you are three months old today! My how time flies!! You are such a sweet baby and are making our job as parents pretty easy. We could not imagine our life without you now. We thank God everyday for you!