Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fast Lanes!!!

Okay - so we had a bowling party for my Mom's birthday this year, and had a blast. In true Ava fashion she stole the show. It was so funny watching her, you know the ball weighs as much as she does - but she "can do it all by herself, and doesn't need ANY help." If you haven't been to Fast Lanes in Rogers you need to go. It really is a fun place. They have waiters, a full menu, and it's no smoking. It's very family friendly and great for all ages. Also they will program your lane so when it's your kids turn the bumpers will automatically come up and then when their turn is over they go back down. Is that not a genius idea or what. I don't remember Ava's score but it was pretty impressive for a three year old!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craft Night

It is always a special treat when I let Ava paint with "big girl" paints (you know, anything besides water colors). Well tonight we dragged all the paints out, and she had a ball, and then ended up in the bathtub! Her facial expressions crack me up. Too cute. On a side note - Even though it looks like it from the last few posts, I promise my child is not always half naked at home. However, as soon as we get home from being out, she does change from one dress up outfit to the next.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Princess Kitchen and Homework!!!

Okay this is funny - For the second year in a row now Ava is terrified of Santa - I mean a genuine fear, so needless to say she will NOT get her picture taken with him. This pains me, I hate that I have no picture with Santa, but she is honestly scared so I can't just sit her on his lap. This year we even waited in line at the mall, but screaming started when it was our turn. So anyway, tonight Ava wrote a letter to Santa to let him know what she wanted. I knew what she was going to put, because she has been telling everybody for about a month - she wants the Disney Princess Kitchen and Homework!!! Too funny - I had to document that when she was three years old she wanted homework for Christmas! She heard Haley talk about it and Steven and I work on our bible study homework - and she doesn't have any. So here are a few pictures of her writing her letter. She was very proud of it. (Sorry about the no pants, gotta love the Tinkerbell panties.)