Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fast Lanes!!!

Okay - so we had a bowling party for my Mom's birthday this year, and had a blast. In true Ava fashion she stole the show. It was so funny watching her, you know the ball weighs as much as she does - but she "can do it all by herself, and doesn't need ANY help." If you haven't been to Fast Lanes in Rogers you need to go. It really is a fun place. They have waiters, a full menu, and it's no smoking. It's very family friendly and great for all ages. Also they will program your lane so when it's your kids turn the bumpers will automatically come up and then when their turn is over they go back down. Is that not a genius idea or what. I don't remember Ava's score but it was pretty impressive for a three year old!!!


Anonymous said...

So so so cute! But I am a little sad because she looks so grown up!


Quinn said...

I'm so glad you have rejoined the blog world! And I can't believe you are about to have your baby. Crazy how time flies, although you may be ready to have this baby. I know I was....I was praying around 36 weeks that mine would come, I was ready to be done being pregnant. Maybe it was because I had a 21 month old constantly climbing on me. Anyhoo, so excited for the little one's arrival! BTW, you need to post some pictures of yourself pregnant, since I haven't ran into you at any airports recently. :)

Oh, and I love how Ava is posing in the picture 2nd down at the bowling alley. Too Cute!