Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grilling in a SNUGGIE!!!!!

I am laughing so hard while I post this... Tonight Steven grilled dinner for us and it was a little chilly outside. So I opened the door for Ava to go out with him and this is what I found ....

Steven was grilling in the Snuggie!!! I hope the neighbors happened to be looking out of their windows so they could get a good laugh as well. On a serious note, if you are needing some comic relief at your house you should get a Snuggie. It has provided hours of entertainment lately. They are very handy and comfortable, I so should have come up with the idea first. It's perfect for someone who is due to have a baby any day!
I have to confess the one we have is my moms - she let us borrow it. Here is the funniest part, she brought it over this afternoon and I had it on, and then Ava walked in the room and no lying she said - "Mommy your wearing a snuggie - I saw it on TV." We all started laughing so hard. It was priceless. So does anybody else think my child watches too much TV......

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Disclaimer - I have been a bad blogger!

Well I have done it again - I have neglected my blog for quite some time and am now playing catch up! To those who have reminded me many times - it has not been craft night at our house for two months. I have posted several posts this evening so you have will have to scroll down to see all of them. (everything down to craft night is new) I know most of you all don't care, but this is for the Grandparents and Ava. I felt the need to document the last few months of her life as a single child! I am now two weeks from my due date and was told by our doctor that "you could have this baby any day now." Ava was almost two weeks early - so I am just waiting for something to happen! As of Monday, I was 2.5 cm and 60% effaced - so we will see.
Since Christmas was have been in "prepare for baby mode." Ava's big girl room and the nursery are both finished!!! Thank you peaches for sewing and sewing and sewing. Both rooms looks so good - I am really pleased how they turned out! All we need now is a baby! Baby clothes are washed, folded, put away, car seat ready to go, etc, etc, etc. I am so scared to have two kids - but so excited to start this next journey. I am sure it will entail a lot of help from family and prayer! Ava is so excited she can hardly stand it. She has affectionately named her sister Gloria - after the hippo on Madagascar! Pretty funny!

Chillin' with Daddy

I thought these pictures were too cute not to post. This is just a typical night at the Bertram house. If I had to guess they were probably watching golf, Laker basketball, or something that Steven was really enjoying like Max and Ruby or Olivia - Ava's two favorite cartoons of the moment!

Watch Out Rachel Zoe

This is funny - Tonight we had a small family and friends baby shower and of course Ava had to be there. Well today when I put Ava down for her nap I laid out what I wanted her to wear to the shower - it was a darling little smocked dress, tights, and shoes. After she woke up I went in her room and she had laid out a new outfit on top of the smocked dress. This is how our conversation went...
Me - Ava what are these clothes?
Ava - Weeeellll, that is what I picked our to wear to the baby shower.
Me - oh okay - well I thought you could wear this pretty dress (holding up the smocked dress)
Ava - Well (all sentences start with well right now), Mom what I picked out is much better - my big sister shirt, tutu, I got my tights for my pants, and my new pink shoes with diamonds on them. It's all fancy wancy.
Me - well okay - you win

It was quite funny - but I must say I was proud of her. She put together a fun outfit - that for the most part matched. I had no argument for the "fancy wancy" comment. For over a year now Ava has had a definite opinion on what she wears, and this is one battle I choose not to fight. I could tell she felt very pretty in her ensemble!!

Of course once we got to the shower, I took a few pictures of her and then forgot to have someone take them throughout the shower - I know most of your aren't surprised. But we had a great time and new baby got some fabulous gifts. Thank you to everybody who came.

Christmas Morning

I know this post if about two months late - but we did celebrate Christmas at our house this year. We hopped from house to house on both Christmas day and Christmas Eve covering both of our families, but made it a priority to be at our house Christmas morning.
This was the first year Ava knew what was going which made everything more fun for all. Santa must have gotten her letter because she got her beloved Princess Kitchen and a nice stack of homework in a fabulous hot pink desk - as well as a few other million things. It was really sweet though because Ava was very thankful for everything. Two months later I can honestly say she is still playing with her Christmas toys; and I can also honestly say she is already telling me what she wants next year! She's not spoiled or anything.
It is so funny having a toddler at Christmas time - We made it a point to try and teach Ava the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it when we do. I bought all kinds of books, family devotionals, and talked about Baby Jesus and the Christmas Story as much as I could. I know she knows the story, but hopefully one day it will mean a lot to her. God has been so good to our family and blessed us in so many ways - I give him the glory for such a wonderful Christmas season and 2008 at our home this year. To God be the Glory Great Things he has Done!!!

Fun Pictures