Saturday, February 21, 2009

Watch Out Rachel Zoe

This is funny - Tonight we had a small family and friends baby shower and of course Ava had to be there. Well today when I put Ava down for her nap I laid out what I wanted her to wear to the shower - it was a darling little smocked dress, tights, and shoes. After she woke up I went in her room and she had laid out a new outfit on top of the smocked dress. This is how our conversation went...
Me - Ava what are these clothes?
Ava - Weeeellll, that is what I picked our to wear to the baby shower.
Me - oh okay - well I thought you could wear this pretty dress (holding up the smocked dress)
Ava - Well (all sentences start with well right now), Mom what I picked out is much better - my big sister shirt, tutu, I got my tights for my pants, and my new pink shoes with diamonds on them. It's all fancy wancy.
Me - well okay - you win

It was quite funny - but I must say I was proud of her. She put together a fun outfit - that for the most part matched. I had no argument for the "fancy wancy" comment. For over a year now Ava has had a definite opinion on what she wears, and this is one battle I choose not to fight. I could tell she felt very pretty in her ensemble!!

Of course once we got to the shower, I took a few pictures of her and then forgot to have someone take them throughout the shower - I know most of your aren't surprised. But we had a great time and new baby got some fabulous gifts. Thank you to everybody who came.


Amanda said...

I loved Ava's outfit, and thought it was just perfect for the evening! And she was sooo well behaved! I kept meaning to ask you, where did you get her darling shoes? Addison definitely needs some! =)

Allyson Petty said...

Love the outfit!!!!!