Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Golf Outing

Steven and Ava spent this afternoon at the golf course. Ava of course had a ball - she talked about the day until she went to bed. She finally got to use her clubs. You know - we have to start her out young because this is how Steven is planning on getting her college paid for!!! Also notice the outfit - She had to picked out a special outfit for her golf outing! Steven said she was so proud of herself whenever her ball went in the hole. I thought it was cute when she got home she said, "Mommy - did you know we have to be very quiet when the other people are golfing?" Quiet is hard for her these days!! I am sure there will be many more Sundays spent at the course for these two.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing Catch Up!!!

The title of this post says it all - I am playing catch up with the highlights of April. We are getting into a routine with two kids - life is good, crazy, but good. In making this LONG post I realized that I am a terrible photographer and that I hate our camera. I take horrible pictures and we need a new camera. If any of you have a camera that you love let me know what kind it is. I need some help!

Easter Sunday
Isn't Easter so wonderful - as a believer it's such a special day. I have to tell a quick cute story about Ava. We have been talking a lot about Easter - why we celebrate it and what makes it a special day. She would say "Jesus rose from the cross." It is always so sweet to hear how little ones put things into their own words. Well, she has obviously been listening in Sunday school because she was opening all her Easter eggs which all had candy or quarters in them, then she opened one and it was empty. I was expecting her to ask where the "treat" was, but her reaction was so sweet. She got a bright-eyed happy look on her face and turned to us and said, "the egg is empty just like Jesus's tomb was empty when the lady rolled the stone away." I was so proud - she was so happy about an empty Easter egg, and it meant so much to her.

Iit was cold and rainy all day long here in Fayetteville. You should have seen Steven and I, in the rain, with two children, trying to get us all into church without anybody getting soaked. I am sure to everybody driving by we looked like dumb and dumber! But atleast the girls looked cute! Here are some pictures from the day....

Checking out Easter basket #1 - this is at our house before church. Notice the toothpaste - Ava had been asking for rainbow toothpaste, and I guess the Easter bunny was listening! Gotta have some good toothpaste after eating all that candy.

More Polly Pocket Princesses - the favorite toy right now!

Reece's Easter bathtub - thank you Peaches!

This is how Reece spent her first Easter!

Still Sleeping!

Excited to be sitting at the "kid table" If her life is anything like mine - she will have to sit at the kid table until she is 18!

Looking at another Easter basket with cousin Sam Bennett.

And still sleeping - we were in for it that night! Ha ha.

Playtime and Sleep Time

Reece has starting smiling - there is nothing that warms a mamas heart more than her children smiling at her. These are a few pictures of how Reece spends her days. She loves her Baby Einstein mat - she laughs and smiles at the lights. Then she gets tired and she sleeps! Which makes mamas just as happy. haha.

One Month Old

This is how Reece spent her one month birthday - not bad if you ask me!!! This is about how she spent all her days (and nights- I have to brag) about this time. It is amazing how fast four weeks goes by with a newborn.

Check out this face - I think we might have another drama queen on our hands!!

Easter Egg Hunting
Ava was all about some Easter egg hunting this year - in fact if you could make a sport out of it she would do it! I would even catch her hiding eggs for herself to find around the house in the weeks leading up to Easter. I know, a little funny - but hey it kept her entertained for a long time!!!! These pictures are from an Easter egg hunt we went to at Ava's friend Addelyn's house. She was having a ball - until the Easter bunny showed up. She was terrified, and stayed about 10 feet away at all times. She still, weeks later, asks me "Why did that bunny come to Addelyn's house?" Oh the drama. We are never going to be able to go to Disney World!

Jackson Jorgenson, Ava, Addelyn Bramlett