Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Golf Outing

Steven and Ava spent this afternoon at the golf course. Ava of course had a ball - she talked about the day until she went to bed. She finally got to use her clubs. You know - we have to start her out young because this is how Steven is planning on getting her college paid for!!! Also notice the outfit - She had to picked out a special outfit for her golf outing! Steven said she was so proud of herself whenever her ball went in the hole. I thought it was cute when she got home she said, "Mommy - did you know we have to be very quiet when the other people are golfing?" Quiet is hard for her these days!! I am sure there will be many more Sundays spent at the course for these two.


Amanda said...

That looks like a perfect golfing outfit! And she definitely looks like a collegiate golfer! I can see it already! =)

YaYa said...

The Bertram girls are gorgeous. How could they be anything else with the parents and grandparents they have. I know everyone is fascinated with Reece' fabulous red hair and Peaches could not be happier. Miss Ava is such a doll. We always enjoy seeing your precious girls.