Saturday, February 21, 2009

Disclaimer - I have been a bad blogger!

Well I have done it again - I have neglected my blog for quite some time and am now playing catch up! To those who have reminded me many times - it has not been craft night at our house for two months. I have posted several posts this evening so you have will have to scroll down to see all of them. (everything down to craft night is new) I know most of you all don't care, but this is for the Grandparents and Ava. I felt the need to document the last few months of her life as a single child! I am now two weeks from my due date and was told by our doctor that "you could have this baby any day now." Ava was almost two weeks early - so I am just waiting for something to happen! As of Monday, I was 2.5 cm and 60% effaced - so we will see.
Since Christmas was have been in "prepare for baby mode." Ava's big girl room and the nursery are both finished!!! Thank you peaches for sewing and sewing and sewing. Both rooms looks so good - I am really pleased how they turned out! All we need now is a baby! Baby clothes are washed, folded, put away, car seat ready to go, etc, etc, etc. I am so scared to have two kids - but so excited to start this next journey. I am sure it will entail a lot of help from family and prayer! Ava is so excited she can hardly stand it. She has affectionately named her sister Gloria - after the hippo on Madagascar! Pretty funny!


Kelly said...

I so do know who you are!!! Your MIL looked up your blog for me when I was at the Briar Patch last fall. I was so flattered because you are so pretty. I feel bad they were comparing you to an old woman like me. ha! It is a small world! You were an E at OBU, right?
Congratulations on baby #2 - do you know what you are having?? Will you deliver at Willow Creek or Washington regional?? Such an exciting time!
Thanks for leaving me a comment - it's fun to hear from you!

Amanda said...

So glad you're back!

Rachel said...

I LOVE all of your new pictures and posts!!! Ava is the cutest thing ever! I cannot believe you are due in 2 weeks! my word! do you have a name picked out or did i miss that? i am definitely praying for y'all! and dying to see pictures once the day arrives-yah!!!!

westerman said...

I'm having blogger overload, but I am so proud of you and I love the new background! the pics are precious... my favorite is definately Steven sporting the snuggie. My mom wanted one for Christmas so bad, she is going to be jealous.