Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim Ranch

Ava had swim lessons last week at the Swim Ranch. She was in lane 1 - so hard to believe because she is only 3 - but she did sooo good, I was proud. The past two years we had done "swim babies" where I have to get in the water with her - so I had been talking up "big girl swim lessons, where mommy doesn't get in the water" with her for a long time now. I did not know how she would do without me, or if she would even get in the water without throwing a fit - but she did better than I could have imagined. She was so brave and turned into a little fish. Ava has always loved to swim but had never really swam with her face in the water, and didn't like to go under all that much. That has all changed now! She just hops in the water and goes. We have been spending a lot of time and the pool lately, so this makes it so much easier for me in juggling 2 kids at the pool. Ava even conquered her fear of the diving board! She was so tiny compared to the other kids in her lane, but she loved every minute of being in lane 1.

A was loving her pink and blue goggles. They made all the difference in the world - once she had them she had no problem putting her face in or going under!

Waiting to be called to her lane! Watching her sit there brought back so many memories of when i took swim lessons at The Swim Ranch! I am sure my mom has the same picture of me!
Front Float

Go girl!
Waiting in line for the diving board - yes she is posing.

Getting a little help from Miss Halsey!
She did it! (With some help!)

This was one of A's teacher's Miss Mary. Her and Halsey were great with the kids. They made the week very enjoyable!


Allyson Petty said...

Love the diving board pose!!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

she just looks so cute! We are headed their in July. I am feeling very old b/c i taught halsey when she was in lane 1- wow!

Anonymous said...

Look out Micheal Phelps!

Love, Amanda

Mom said...

And I remember when you were in lane 1 at the Swim Ranch!!! You seemed so small to me - I wish I could remember how old you were when you started. I need to look thru the picture albums. You had to have help with the diving board, also......

Rachel said...

WAY too cute!!! we are going to miss you!! i emailed the other day about us coming to rogers--it was a reply to the entire PC--i thought you were in it..i'll check..we get there in the 3rd and leave the 7th-so sad!!!!!

Olivia Grace said...

Love those goggles!!! Can't wait for OG to get her cast off so we can do some lessons. We would love to get together this summer. Call me I've lost your number!!