Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Dance Recital!!!

Ava had her first dance recital this past Saturday - and let me just say she was in Heaven!! We have officially created on monster! I was anxious to see how she would do - if she would be really nervous, if she would just stand there on stage, or if she would go all out. Well, she loved every minute of it, and performed her dances so well. Her class was too funny to watch - all the little girls did such a great job. Us Mommies were proud. Seeing Ava's face after she came off stage from the first number was priceless. She was on a dancing high - so excited and wanted to go again, and again.
Her class performed two numbers - a hip hop dance and a jazz dance. Then the whole dance company did a huge finally to a medley of Broadway songs. Ava's class was on stage for Annie and Grease - so they had two costume changes for the finally. Oh my was she loving it! Here are several pictures from the event....

These are a few pictures of us getting ready. She was all about some make-up. I now have to hide my make-up from her! She was so funny because she was very cautious not to mess up her lipstick!

These next pictures are of her Hip Hop costume. You gotta love anything with a sparkly silver and neon pink visor! Only a 3 year old could pull this look off! Their dance was to "Raise the Roof, and the Hip Hop Harry!"

These are the pictures from her Jazz number - it was to "Candy Girl!" I loved these costumes - all the girls looked too cute!

Proud Daddy!!!

This is Ava's dance teacher Miss Kara. She was really wonderful with the young girls and they loved her to death. The dance studio was called Studio 54. It was a perfect experience for Ava's first dance recital.


Julee said...

I am a little mad that I didn't get the info about this beforehand! I WOULD HAVE COME! She looks so freaking cute!

Allyson Petty said...

She can't be any more beautiful-and I think she's starting to really look like Steven! I am just so happy God gave you a girly girl-He knew that Ava was exactly what you needed! Love it!!!!!

Emily said...

I'm loving Ava's hip hop poses in front of the house. She is too cute! And I can't believe Reece's red hair. Too precious!

BTW....I was at Wal-Mart last night buying some water wings for Miss Quinn for the pool and who did I see on the package of the Floatsafe Floties? YOU and AVA! How did you get that gig? It was so cool to see you both on the package. How fun!

MC(B)Y said...

She is precious--this brings back major Frances Stokes memories!