Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So in updating our blog, I realized that there were no really recent pictures of Reece. All of a sudden she has been looking so old. It's like one morning she woke up and looked more like a little girl than a baby. I know I am her mom, but Reece is just sooo sweet. She has such a sweet, funny personality that keeps us laughing all the time. Steven thinks she is more dramatic than Ava was at this age, and if that is true I am in for it - big time. But we enjoy her so much, she makes our jobs as parents pretty easy!

By the way - trying to take a picture of a busy 11month old is next to impossible!


Anonymous said...

What a beauty! Miss American 2030!

Love, Amanda

Dee Moss said...

I so love seeing the girls!!! But have to say, you are never in any pictures!! I miss my friend too ya know!!! I can't wait to be back in Arkansas and watching our second children grow up together. I can't believe that it was about Avery's age now that Carter and Ava met!! Too sweet!

Ross and Kate said...

That little Reeece is a sweet girl! Obviously, Norah thinks so too. She always says "Reece hug". Love you guys!