Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009!!

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged - then Reece was 8 months old - now she is 11months! So we have had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc... Everything has been wonderful. Life is just flying by so fast. Even though it's already February, one of my goals this year is to do a better job at documenting Ava and Reece's lives. This is something that I am so not good at - but hopefully by the end of 2010 I will be a pro! (and not posting Christmas pictures in Feb.) So for our families sake I wanted to go ahead and post some pictures of Christmas. It was a sweet time for our family. But I guess anytime you are celebrating the birth of Christ it's a sweet time!

Please notice the doll - that is Julie an American Girl Doll - Ava's life was complete when Santa brought her Julie. She is now a member of our family. In fact, I could do a post on her alone. It is very sweet how much Ava adores her!


Julee Turner said...

So happy you blogged! I have missed seeing those sweet girls!!

Hampers said...

Nice blog with nice picture of cuties enjoying the Christmas presents. They are really adorable. It was nice going through your blog.

Anonymous said...

These pics are so precious, but they make me miss the girls so much! Must visit soon! Love, Amanda

P.S. Eli says Reece is a 10!

AshWad said...

Yeah, you're back. :)