Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Trick-or-Treating is sooo much fun!

Some of the neighborhood girls..we just love them!

Eating dinner with Natalie the dino and Dax the farmer

Halloween "WEEK" - yes I said week was very fun at our house. Well, everyday is Halloween for Ava because her favorite thing to do is dress up. In fact while I am writing this, she is currently taking a nap in her Tinkerbell costume! Anyways, Ava had four valid opportunities to wear her beloved Snow White costume. It is about in shreds now - every time she put it on for something else I was cutting strings off of it or wiping off something that she had dribbled on it - But hey we got our money's worth! She went to the Fall Carnival at the school Haley is student teaching at, a party at one of her dance classes, a party at her school, and then Halloween night itself.
We had such a great Halloween night - a bunch of our friends came over for dinner and then all the kids went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. They were all sooo cute it watch. Ava was totally into it and literally ran from door to door. She had a ball!

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Rachel said...

snow white is just beautiful! looks like you had a great halloween week-love all of the new posts/pictures-so sweet!