Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Friends and Hip Hop!

A few weekends ago some of our good friends, the Myers came to visit. They used to live in our neighborhood and then moved to Kansas City last year. Ava and Meredith have been friends since they were about 18 months. We used to spend most every Friday morning at their house for our weekly playgroup. I love how the girls just pick right back up where they left off. It's really sweet. We were so sad to see them go, but so happy they came to visit.

Natalie, Ava, Meredith, and Isaac
This picture makes me laugh. Natalie and Meredith both look like they are being strangled! It was so funny when we were taking this because Ava shouted out "best friends forever" She is such a teenager! Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of four kids. It's not easy - let me tell you.

Poor Meredith, Ava still has a death grip on her. She is thinking, I am not letting her go back to Kansas City!

We tried again the next day, and I still couldn't get a picture of the three of them all looking at the same camera. They were having too much fun to stop and take a picture. You would have thought we were torturing them!

These next pictures are from a hip hop clinic that Ava's dance studio put on. The older dancers were raising money to go to a competition at Disney World. Ava of course loved it!

Ava and Savy and Walker Williams. Ava and Savy have taken dance together for a few years now. Walker was a good big brother and came to watch.


Dee Moss said...

Oh my! I can't get over how big the kids look --especially the pictures of Ava in the headband. It seriously took me a minute to recognize her!! But they all look darling!

The Wilburn Family said...

Where did you get those legwarmers? They are adorable! Loved seeing all of your updates; you are so good about keeping up with the posting. :)