Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eight Things

So my good friend Allyson Petty "tagged me" - so here goes nothing...

here are the instructions for "eight things":
. mention the person that tagged you
. complete the list of eight things
. tag eight of your wonderful blogger friends

8 Things I look forward too:
1. 7:30is in the morning when Ava wakes up, comes to the living room, crawls up in the chair with me and works on her "bible study." Or I work on my bible study, she just draws and watches Mickey Mouse Club House - but hey at least she is learning how to start her days.
2. Being able to communicate with Reece and watching her and Ava play together.
3. The day I can fit back into my skinny jeans! OR getting on the scale and weighing what I did when I got married!!
4. Going to Seaside this summer.
5. Every night when Steven calls and says he's on his way home.
6. The day when my girls become believers - or I guess I should say that is something I am hoping for.
7. 7:30 - 8:00 every night!! That's bed time for the Bertram girls!! I am just keeping it real - I am sure all of you moms out there understand. which is followed by....
8. My night ritual - a warm bubble bath.

8 Things I did Yesterday: (yesterday was pretty uneventful)
1.Went to Bible Study Fellowship and then to lunch at one of my favs -Taco Bueno!
2. Cleaned the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher about 8 times - something I feel like I do about 8 times everyday!
3. Marinated chicken for dinner tonight
4. Praised the Lord when Reece took a nap (even though it was short) in her crib.
5. Cooked dinner while Ava threw a fit on the kitchen floor because, "she didn't want her juice in an Elmo cup, because that's not her favorite cartoon anymore, she likes princesses now."
6. Printed and got all of my coupons organized for my weekly couponing trips to Target and Wal-greens - my two favorites! (
7. Saved over $30 on food and toiletries at Target! I got $54 worth of stuff for $21!!!! Such a fun way to shop.
8. Packed Steven and Ava's lunches for today, got the coffee ready for the morning, and went to bed!

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Be bolder about telling others about Christ.
2. Go to the gym whenever I wanted.
3. Be a waitress for a day and/or work at a grocery store for a day - two jobs I have always wanted to do.
4. Fit into all of my summer clothes!
5. Buy a new minivan
6. Go shopping with Tim Gunn from Project Runway
7. Chop food like a professional
8. Eat a huge breakfast every day - and the calories not count!

8 Shows I watch:
1. Today Show
2. Regis and Kelly
3. Court TV - I could watch it all day!
4. American Idol
5. Dancing with the Stars
6. Real Housewives of New York
7. Divine Design
8. Paula Deen and Barefoot Contessa

Now I tag: Julee Bell, Amy Welborn, Molly Westerman, Allison Baldwin, Leslie Silvey, Mary Claire York, Sarah Clark, Rachel Miller
(Sorry guys if you have already done this)


amywelborn said...

We have lots in common...except I'm a GMA fan instead of Today show:)....Thanks for tagging me....Can't wait to do it too!

Allyson Petty said...

I knew we were friends for a reason-I have always wanted to work at a grocery store, too! I was just telling Phillip that not long ago!! It would be so much fun if we could work on registers right beside each other!!

clarkfam said...

oh boy - i just read the tag - it will be coming soon!! lgad all is well and I love it that cooper isn't the only one who has a hysterical melt down over which cup! so encouraging! - Sarah

the bush family said...


We just found your blog. Your kids are beautiful!

Ryan, Amanda, Sophia, and Samuel