Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday and Silly Ava

Last Tuesday was my birthday! It was a fun day, and Ava reminded me all day that we could share my birthday so it could be her birthday too! I was happy to "share" my birthday with my sweet girl. When I woke her up on Tuesday she said."mommy is today your birthday?" and I said yes, and she said "okay will now I can tell you that me, daddy, and sister got you a pink pair of shoes for your birthday!" I just started laughing - she totally told me my present, but to her it was okay because it was my birthday! I must brag on my husband - who many of you know is the best gift giver ever. Well he came through once again, and got me the cutest pair of magenta Michael Kors shoes. I should have taken a picture of them. Anyways - I got several wonderful things for my birthday from Steven and my family - but the best gift was from Ava. She was given five dollars to buy my a present just from her. When asked where she wanted to shop for me she picked Target! We spend lots (too much) time and money (much too much) there. Anyways, she picked out an adorable headband with a flower on it! She was too cute! This is a tradition I hope to keep going for birthdays - it's fun to see what your kids pick out for you. (I was told the other thing she was thinking about was a pair of pink feather earrings - I am glad she went with the headband!) The girl has got some taste!

Me wearing Ava's gift - the flower headband!

I thought these were too cute to share - here is Ava's new favorite way to watch TV. Sitting in Recce's Bumbo on the couch! All I have to say is it's a good thing she's skinny!


amywelborn said...


Amanda said...

I love the pics of Ava in the bumbo! That cracks me up!

And I love the $5 gift idea--helps her understand money AND choose something all by herself! Too sweet! Happy Birthday!

Allyson Petty said...

I am the worst friend-I forgot your birthday, and I even talked to you last week. Forgive me, friend. Happy late birthday!
Love the pics-could they be any sweeter/more beautiful?

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday!

Allison said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was your birthday. I feel terrible. Hope you had a great day. Can't wait to see the pink shoes--they sound fabulous.

Shannon said...

What a great idea for birthdays! I love the pics of Ava in the bumbo. Emily does the same thing. Reece is really filling out. I hardly recognized her! We'll see you Friday at dance class. Shannon, Emily, and Ella