Saturday, May 17, 2008

We went skiing in Colorado with my dad a few Days after Christmas. Ava was a little too young to ski, so her we spent a lot of time in the condo. It was so unbelievably cold - like -22 degrees cold. I think on the warmest day is was like 13degrees. We had to keep Ava inside most of the time. Also because it was so cold we only took a few pictures the whole trip.

This is where we spent the night on the way to Crested Butte. Here is Ava in her ski coat. She looked so cute in her whole outfit, but couldn't really move it in. It was pretty funny. I think she wore the coat with the matching bibs only once! She had to have a great ski outfit though!!

The only two pictures we have of us from the vacation. I think right after this photo was taken Steven fell and slid down a whole slope and the camera was covered in snow and temporarily frozen! It was hilarious. I wish I had some action shots to share with everybody. It was priceless.

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