Saturday, May 17, 2008

Christmas 2007

We spent Christmas Eve and morning at Peaches's lakehouse. Ava was sooo much fun. Besides being terrified of Santa Clause, Ava was totally into Christmas this year. It was crazy how kids can make the most wonderful time of the year more wonderful.

This is our friends June and Josh's little girl Jordan. Ava had the best time playing with her.

A little giutar hero!!!

The whole family in our Christmas Pajamas. A Weaver family tradition.

Santa Clause was good to Ava. She had a busy day opening presents. The baby doll she is holding was in her stocking. It was her favorite gift. She would have been happy only getting that baby. Whenever anyone asked what she wanted for Christmas- it was always the same thing - a baby doll!!! That baby made her sooo happy.

OUCH! I thought this picture was so funny. Ava is giving Haley a shot from her new doctor kit.

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