Thursday, May 6, 2010


...We Celebrated Easter!

...Reece has been getting so big!
...and learned how to pout. It's pitiful!
...And wants to spend every waking moment outside! Literally every moment!

... I ran in he St. Joseph 5K!
... Ava continues to enjoy soccer!

... Reece has really gotten into playing baby dolls!

... and Ava got all dressed up for a darling Mother's days tea and program at her school!

This is our last few weeks in a nutshell. I need to do more in-depth posts over each - but I was feeling like a slacker and some pressure from certain family members so I wanted to get some more recent pictures up! Hope you enjoyed!!!!


Katy Seifritz said...

I cannot believe how big Ava really just seems yesterday I saw her at your sister's wedding! They both are so cute. Sonya says you all will be in Seaside the same time we are. I'm a little scared taking a three month old-:). We will see!:)

Anonymous said...

Okay, a Bertram-Hurst game night is totally overdue! I am dying to see those girls! Eli can show off his amazing sitting skills!

Love y'all, Amanda